Escaping one room costs $24.50 per person.
You have one hour to escape.
You can have up to 8 people for the Mayan Curse puzzle and the Space Escape puzzle and 10 people for the Wild West puzzle
Its all done through the plan your escape page, pick the number of participants and then use the calendar to choose your date/time. Full payment is required when you reserve your room online.
No, you can exit through any door you have entered or unlocked at any time.
We designed the games to have a scaling level of difficulty so that groups can decide on their own how difficult they want the game to be. Each group will be given hints if they want or need them, you only get a few hints so use them wisely.
Legally we have to let you out at some point. Besides we really dont want to feed you or take care of you.
You can exit the room to use the restroom. However we recommend using the restroom prior to or after the hour you begin your escape.
No its definetly not alright. You don't have to be physically strong to solve the puzzle. All rooms are monitored by camera and sound so please treat our property as your own.
Yes, sometimes kids are the best at finding a solution! Some of our games are suitable for players of all ages 5 and up. However, the puzzles in the game progress in difficulty the deeper into the mystery you go. As a result, it is ideal to have several players that are at least ages 13 and up